Tampere Art Museum will be closed for renovations after the summer exhibitions

Repairs will be carried out in the museum building next winter, causing the museum to be closed from October 16th, 2023 to January 26th, 2024. The Young Artist of the Year 2023 exhibition featuring Eetu Huhtala and the Backlight2023 exhibition will remain open until October 15th, 2023 as previously announced. The exhibition “Archaeology of Beauty” by visual artist Tuula Lehtinen will open at the end of February 2024.

The indoor air and factors affecting it have been studied in the museum building due to observations by staff and customers. The studies were originally conducted as a basis for renovation.

According to Tampere city’s operating model, a multidisciplinary working group including representatives from the city’s health protection, property services, occupational health, Afry Oy and the art museum has recommended safety improvements to be made to the museum building and the adjacent smaller building. The detailed planning of the repairs is still ongoing. Based on current information, operations can continue in both buildings normally until the renovations begin.

The Tampere Art Museum was opened in 1931 in an old granary designed by C.L. Engel on the edge of Pyynikintori Square, at the initiative of the Tampere Art Association. The Tampere Art Museum building, completed in 1838, is reportedly the city’s third oldest building. The museum was renovated in the 1980s, during which the museum’s underground facilities were also built. The actual renovation of the museum is delayed due to the postponement of the new building project.