Tramway art

Tampere Tramway makes art an element of the transport experience. The aim of Tampere Tramway Art Programme is to create a high-quality entity that improves the pleasantness of the environment in the construction phase and during tramway operation. The City of Tampere’s Tramway Development Programme is responsible for the Tramway Art entity. Implementation is being coordinated by Frei Zimmer Oy. Tampere Tramway Ltd will take responsibility for the whole entity at the beginning of 2022. Tampere Art Museum has participated the work. The Art Programme consists of art in the trams, at the stops and infrastructure as well as by the tramway.

Art tram

Tampere’s art tram car began operating on 8 December 2021. The art tram car is covered in changing works of art for the next two and a half years. The works of art will change every six months and there are five of them altogether. Mari Hyde’s glow-in-the-dark creation – The Glow – was the first artwork seen on the sides of the tram car. The other works will be Milla Vuorela’s 151 passengers, Juliana Hyrri’s Paradise tram, Teemu Raudaskoski’s Colour flow, and Tomi Ivalo’s Journey between the lakes. Each work will be on the sides of the art tram car for six months.

Visit the website to experience tramway art content

In connection with the Tramway Art opening ceremony, the art section of the Tampere Tramway website was renewed with new interactive content related to the artwork. The website now includes a tramway art map showing people how to find the works of art along the tramway routes (only in Finnish). In addition to the website, the QR codes found near landmark works of art and at the art stops will provide more information about the art content.

Tampere tram