Exhibitions 11.6.-11.9.2022

The Young Artist of the Year 2022 Emma Jääskeläinen - At Her Fingertips
Kristian Krokfors - Forever Young

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Green stone looks like brains.
Emma Jääskeläinen: Heavy Thinker, 2021. Lapland green marble, coffee-dyed wool, 60 x 80 x 75 cm. Private collection.

The Young Artist of the Year 2022 Emma Jääskeläinen - At Her Fingertips

Emma Jääskeläinen is known for her massively monumental stone sculptures that the artist makes out of classical types of stone such as granite, marble and travertine, updating the materials into the language of contemporary art. The artist avoids excessive seriousness through the use of surprising choices of material. A pocket-sized monumental sculpture illustrates well how Jääskeläinen plays with greatly varying scale: palm-fitting, huggable and impossible, as the artist herself describes it. Other opposites, such as hard and soft, are also present in the artist’s works which can also be seen as portraits in the broader sense of the term.

Colourful beach balls on a pool.
Kristian Krokfors: Beach Balls in a Pool, 2021, acrylic on canvas, 110 x 140 cm

Kristian Krokfors - Forever Young

The 2022 Summer Exhibition of Tampere Art Museum presents the works of two Young Artists of the Year. Kristian Krokfors (b. 1952) was the first artist to receive the award in 1984, and the exhibition connected with the it opened in Tampere Art Museum in early 1985. In this Forever Young exhibition, there are several works from the 1985 exhibition, but the emphasis is on paintings and graphic works produced by the artist in recent years.

Six stones on top of eac other, a shadow made of hair balls behind.
Emma Jääskeläinen: According to Shadow, HAM Helsinki Art Museum, 2017.

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