Safer space principles

A safe and comfortable space is the responsibility of every one of us.

At Tampere Art Museum we follow the legislation on non-discrimination and equality in force in Finland. The requirement of non-discrimination applies not only to our own employees but also to our visitors and our cooperating associates. The laws have been enacted in order to protect the inviolability and safety of all of us irrespective of ethnic origin, nationality, gender-identity, age, state of health or disability. A person’s political orientation, language or cultural background may not affect their treatment. We are all equal irrespective of our sexual orientation, social or economic position, family structure, world view or any other individual factor.

We shall treat everyone with respect

  • Everyone here is allowed to be themselves.
  • We shall respect one another; we shall not intentionally disparage, mock, discriminate against or embarrass anyone through our words, behaviour or actions.
  • We shall give space to others and make sure that everyone is able to participate.
  • We shall apologize if we have intentionally or unintentionally offended others.

We shall be open and unprejudiced

  • We shall listen, assist and give space to everyone’s experiences, opinions and thoughts.
  • We shall endeavour to be conscious of harmful or discriminatory assumptions that we make about one another and endeavour to refrain from acting upon them.
  • Each new situation is an opportunity to learn and develop. Here it is all right to say if you do not know or are not familiar with something. We are here at the museum for you.

If a situation feels uncomfortable or causes concern or if you notice that someone is in need of help, let us know. You can contact our staff – or our harassment contact person later – by e-mail or using our feedback form, (soon to be found in English, too) on our web site. Contact can be made anonymously.

We are here to support you and will address any grievances.

Our harassment contact persons:

Viliina Julkunen,, +358 41 730 3103 (she/her)
Johanna Kangas,, +358 40 801 6873 (she/her)
Mirja Kurri,, +358 50 557 0996 (she/her)