Light and Energy – Dimensio 50 Years

The artists’ group Dimensio ry 50th anniversary exhibition at the basement gallery of the art museum brings light and energy into a dark season. The exhibition consists of media art and spatial art, paintings and sculptures. Light and motion, as well as appealing to different senses, are recurring themes in these works. In accordance with Dimensio’s traditions, technology and art and the relationship between man and nature are inseparably connected.

The artists at the exhibition range from Dimensio’s founding members to new artists who have joined in recent years. They include Ville Aalto, Timo Heino, Lars Holmström, Niklas Ingelius, Pekka Kaikkonen, Tuomo Klemi, Antti Maasalo, Kalle Mustonen, Anja Rahola, Anti-Ville Reinikainen, Kim Somervuori and Barbara Tieaho. The works at the exhibition approach the themes of light, motion, technology and nature in various ways. A work by Dimensio’s founding member Antti Maasalo (b. 1940), for example, depicts changing natural phenomena through light and rotating motion. The light of the dreamlike works of Antti-Ville Reinikainen (b. 1980) is inviting, but the world hidden behind them remains out of reach. The colour paintings of Dimensio’s youngest artist Niklas Ingelius (b. 1992) create a misty atmosphere of light through translucent layers of paint.

Founded in 1972, the legendary artist group Dimensio is still active. At various times, its members have included not only visual artists, but also composers, engineers, film makers and architects. The group’s characteristic creative combination of various art forms is also evident in the works at this 50th anniversary exhibition.