Backlight'23: Cruel Radiance

Backlight is a festival of photography produced by Photographic Centre Nykyaika. This triennial event, which is among the largest and oldest in Northern Europe, will be held for the thirteenth time in summer 2023. Tampere Art Museum will be one of the sites of the festival.

The exhibition Backlight’23: Cruel Radiance explores the processes that are slowly destroying the world’s living conditions and the scars left by sudden geopolitical crises. The exhibition features works by the English artist Susan Schuppli and Fiona Amundsen from New Zealand, among others.

The curators of the Backlight’23: Cruel Radiance exhibition are the photographic artist and researcher Harri Pälviranta and the artist Marko Karo.

The exhibition deals with human violence, from war to people trafficking. The contents may shock viewers.

Noelle Mason: Backscatter Blueprint (La Carga), 2020, cyanotype