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Museum closed 8.3.-19.4.2021


Viljami Heinonen: Tomhet, 2019

28.11.2020–23.5.2021 SKOOL! – Tampere Artists’ Association 100 Years

In honour of the centenary of the Tampere Artists’ Association, the Tampere Art Museum will hold an exhibition extending to all three floors of the museum and present works from the whole history of the association. The chronological focus will be on work by young artists under 35.

The Tampere Artists’ Association is Finland’s second oldest still active association of professional artists. It has currently 284 members (as of January 2019). The association is an advocacy group for artists in the Pirkanmaa region, and through national-level organisations in its field in the whole of Finland. It seeks to develop and promote opportunities for artists to work, organise training for its members and maintain opportunities for artists to exhibit their works.

The Tampere Artists’ Association was established in 1920 to enliven cultural pursuits in Tampere and to support the work of professionally active artists. Painter Gabriel Engberg became the Association’s first chairman, serving in this capacity for some twenty years. Engberg was also the keeper of the Tampere Art Museum from 1930 to 1953.

In its early years, the Artists’ Association was not just a society for visual artists. Instead, its members represents all areas of the arts. It also included amateur artists and other individuals interested in culture. In 1943, the association became an organisation uniquely meant for visual artists.

The Tampere Artists’ Association focused on organising meetings with programmes and celebrations in its early stages. Exhibition activities were impaired by the lack of a permanent venue for art exhibitions. The first space specifically designed for art exhibitions was built in 1925 in connection with the Tampere City Library (present-day Cultural House Laikku).