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Exhibitions 8.6. - 11.8.2019

the young artist of the year 2019


Altered Breaths, Future Feelings

Nastja Säde Rönkkö works mainly with video, performance, social intervention, the Internet and text. Altered Breaths, Future Feelings exhibition features new multimedia works, installations and performance. Rönkkö creates projects that explore structures and meanings of being human, such as intimacy, empathy and presence.

Her latest works investigate our current digital era and its relationship to power, empathy and the future of the planet. How can concepts such as love, slowness, or affection be radical ways to act and be in the world? New video works such as Milk & Decay and How to Skin a Polar Bear are open-ended narratives of loss, longing and the last moments of humankind. Simultaneously, they are tales of love, hope, future, and the beauty of decay. In addition, the exhibition features extensive documentation on the 6 Months Without project, in which the artist lived and worked in London for 6 months without the Internet.

lars holmström

LXX -spectrum-

Most of Lars Holmström’s works are constructivist, based on the relations of interaction, ‘visual grammar’ or ‘games’ of colour and form. The artist works with various methods and techniques. The exhibition features paintings, relief paintings, constructions and video pieces. During his long career, Holmström has also made digitised works of graphics and commissioned steel constructions, installations and colour schemes.

Lars Holmström graduated as a painter from the Lahti Arts College (present-day Lahti Institute of Arts) in 1973. He has participated in art exhibitions in Finland and abroad since the 1970s. Between 1980 and 1990, Holmström was an instructor at the Kankaanpää School of Art and the head of the school. He was one of the founders of the Tampere School of Art and Media and served as the head of its Department of Arts in 1991–1993.